New Mandela Book "Conversations with Myself" expected to be a hit

The world eagerly awaits the yet to be launched book by former freedom fighter and Southern African President Nelson Mandela. 
The book is compiled by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and includes a foreword by U.S. President Barack Obama. 
Conversations with Myself  is scheduled to be published in 22 countries and in 20 languages.
The book contains very personal details about Mandela obtained from his letters and diaries. The book reportedly focuses on his life in prison and some of the struggles that he went through during the apartheid rule in South Africa.
It also contains dilemmas that he faced and whether he made the right choices in life in sacrificing his family so as to fight in the struggle against apartheid and colonialism; an excerpt from the book quoting him  shows his dilemma I have often wondered whether a person is justified in neglecting his own family to fight for opportunities for others.”
Professor Shadrack Gutto, Director at the Centre for African Renaissance Studies at the University of South Africa (UNISA), predicted the much-anticipated book, titled “Conversations with Myself” will be sought after by thousands of people around the world.
“This is the first time that a book which promises to actually go to the details of his own diaries, letters…these are things which are also rather both public and private in many ways, and he has approved that this be made available to give us the full understanding of the person. So, we are waiting very eagerly. And, I’m waiting personally to read it and try to understand better of this icon that we have as a leader.”


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