2011 Consultancy Opportunity with UN Women- Training Expert in HIV/AIDS

International Expert to Conduct Training For People Living With HIV And AIDS And HIV Servicing NGOs In Tajikistan
Organization:            UN Women (former UNIFEM) Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
Closing date:              October 17, 2011.

By this activity UN Women intends to train relevant local NGOs on structuring and organizing services at local NGOs, basic psychological techniques, most common adverse situations in working with PLWHA and ways to address those; referral system and issues related to VCT for PLWHA and their partners/family members. The practical part of the seminar should be focused on the following issues that relate directly to participants (consultants, NGOs):
1.     the diagnosis and study of negative attitudes and internal stigma towards vulnerable populations (PLWHA, IDUs, sex workers);
2.     formation of tolerant and supporting attitudes towards vulnerable groups and victims of violence(PLHIV, injecting drug users, sex workers);
3.     building the skills of psychological assistance, acquiring techniques and methods for interviewing vulnerable populations (PLWHA, IDUs, sex workers);
4.     building the skills of conflict management in the work of expert working in the field of HIV;
5.     working tactics and instruments of behavior consultants, referrals to the HIV testing for potential clients and family members;
6.     teaching conflict prevention skills for clients and family members (the circle) in the interview and offering HIV testing;
7.     diagnosis of burnout syndrome, consultancy;
8.     develop algorithms to prevent burnout in the staff.
Duties and Responsibilities:              
Under the guidance and direct supervision of the UN Women Program Specialist/Gender Advisor for Tajikistan and overall guidance and supervision of UN Women Sub-Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the Expert will fulfill the following tasks:
·       Review available (preferably TJK related) resources related to HIV/AIDS, gender and human rights issues, including assessment/studies on stigma and discrimination against PLWH with an aim to collect arguments/cases to use for practical exercises at the training;
·       Based on findings adjust, adopt and agree with UN Women on the training module on capacity building of NGOs providing services (in particular related to HIV based violence, social support, referrals) for WLWHA in the context of HIV/AIDS for five-day training for about 20 participants. The module should encourage participatory approaches with appropriate methods: role-plays, innovative approaches and group exercises; Prepare agenda of the trainings on the above-mentioned subject; Prepare pre and post-test questionnaires for training participants; Prepare all handout materials for the trainings;

·       Conduct one five-day training for 20 participants in Dushanbe;

·       Analyze the pre and post training test results to suggest recommendations for further capacity building, rational use of available human resources, establishing integrated services between trained individuals and NGOs and incorporate recommendations into the narrative of the final report; Submit the final report and finalized training module (based on the outcomes of the training) with recommendations on:
1.     capacity gaps in NGOs providing services to WLWHA;
2.     establishing quality services for WLWHA – victims/survivors of HIV based violence;
3.     recommended referral systems to be established/strengthened on the base of NGOs to provide quality services to WLWHA addressing needs of service providers.
To Apply:
Interested individuals must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:
1.     Letter of interest and technical proposal, containing clear description of the following processes: development of the training module, preparing and delivering the training activities;
2.     CV/duly filled Personal History Form PHF11 (downloadable from http://www.unwomen.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/P_11_form_UNwomen.doc) with contact information of 3 referees;
3.     Detailed financial proposal with the breakdown for following categories: preparing and conducting training, travel, trainer fee, DSA, other relevant expenses for the given scope of work.
4.     Each applicant will be required to submit an aggregated financial offer (“aggregated financial offer” is the total sum of all financial claims of the candidate for accomplishment of the task).
5.     All online applications must include (as an attachment) the completed UN Women Personal History form (P-11) which can be downloaded from
Kindly note that the system will only allow one attachment. Applications without the completed UN Women P-11 form will be treated as incomplete and will not be considered for further assessment.


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