2012 EU funds for India| 2012 EU call for Proposal for Indian Organisations

Latest Call for Proposals from the EU for organisations in India

Name of the call for proposals:    Urban local bodies in development

Reference No: EuropeAid/131956/L/ACT/IN

Deadline: 18 November 2011

Submission: Concept Notes; accepted projects will develop full proposals later

The European Union has announced a restricted call for proposals in India targeted at local authorities and NSA/CSOs.

The overall objective of the  call for proposals is to promote integrated action at municipality level to reduce poverty and support inclusive and sustainable economic development.

The specific objectives are to
1.   Promote integrated action at municipal level addressing basic services, such as water, sanitation and solid waste management;
2.    Empower urban local bodies to effectively execute government programmes and achieve tangible results for urban poor communities;
3.   Contribute to local economic development.

The call for proposal has limited resources and hence will support four to five innovative pilot projects. Proposed projects hence need to pay special attention to solutions which can be implemented by the urban local bodies themselves.

Some of the proposed potential strategies, which could be promoted by projects under this call for proposals, include:

1.   Improving the governance capacity of urban local bodies to implement integrated water strategies by creation of low cost alternative wastewater management system

2.   Improving basic services on water and sanitation that benefit the urban poor through some innovative interventions to help improve health indicators.
3.   Using low cost techniques for treatment of municipal solid waste.
4.   Convergence of interventions with existing government programmes such as the Jawaharlal Nehru
5.   National Urban Renewal Mission and the City Sanitation Plans.
6.   Increase accountability to Local Authorities wards beneficiary communities through ward committees;
7.   Promoting e-governance systems.
8.   Develop direct and effective interaction between LAs and/or LA associations in order to strengthen transfer of knowledge and best practice between the EU and India.
9.   Encourage public private partnerships in the implementation of city plans.
The call for proposals’ geographical focus is on smaller cities in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh to complement the EU’s intervention on governance through the State Partnership Programmes.

In addition, smaller cities in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh which have developed City Sanitation Plans under the Ministry of Urban Development guidance are targeted by this call.
Clcik here to visit the EU website for further details about this call for proposal


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