2011 latest EC Call for Proposal for Poverty Reduction

2011 call for proposals from the EC  for poverty reduction and socio-economic development of the rural poor in Egypt

Call for proposal deadline:  October 31 2011

The European Commission has issued a call for proposals to support eligible organizations in Egypt.  
Objectives of the Program
The aim of the Support to Rural Development Programme is to support poor farmers and their families to improve the productivity of their land and increase their output and incomes on condition that they participate and comply with measures that support good agriculture practices related to the use of land and water (both in terms of quantity and quality), adopt appropriate land use measures, invest in appropriate recommended technologies, knowledge transfer and the preservation of biodiversity, including the mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change.
Global Objective of the Call for Proposals
To contribute to poverty reduction and socio-economic development of the rural poor through measures aimed to protect, preserve and increase land productivity, create employment and generate incomes.
Specific Objective of the Call for Proposals
The specific objective of this Call for Proposals is to demonstrate and establish the modality of conditional incentive-based development as an approach to poverty reduction and growth in the rural areas of Egypt. It aims to provide direct and tangible benefits to the population demonstrating a better use of government resources. This would contribute to the adoption of a new paradigm for rural development that would be the basis for a rural development policy/strategy for the country.
This grant addresses three priority activity areas:
1.    Area 1: Natural Resource Management
2.    Area 2: Better Management of Agricultural Practices
3.    Area 3: Strengthening Local Institutional Capabilities
Expected Results
1.    Increased outputs and incomes from a combination of better cropping practices, increased water availability, improved land development and reduced environmental degradation at the farm level.
2.    Enhanced job creation and income generation capacities; permanent jobs are created within the rural Union with a sustainable impact on income generation
3.    Improved living conditions in the target areas through the improvement of existing social infrastructure.
Further details come be found at the EU website- click this link.
Source: funds for NGOs


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